Forrest Folen - Host of the Parent Teen Mindset Show / Mindset Coach for Teens

Forrest is the creator of the Teen Mindset Transformation program, a LIVE, online 8-week transformation coaching helping teens move from anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem to empowered and inspired. 

"I believe that every teen has what they need inside them already.  It's not about adding more onto them, it's about peeling back the layers that are holding them back.  That's mindset!"

When Forrest was a teen, he ended up going down a destructive path, he abused drugs and alcohol and became homeless for a few months at age 17.

His grandmother found him on the street corner when he was at rock bottom, gave him the words that would go on to become his blueprint for life when she said "Forrest, take care of your body.  If you take care of your body, your body will take care of your mind...and then, your mind will take care of your life."

He began a process of transformation over the next several years that led him to train with a martial arts master where he became focused, disciplined, learned about the power of the mind & body, the meditation arts, and then earned a second degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

He then dedicated his life to health, wellness, and mindset, going on to become an entrepreneur with a successful chain of fitness centers (Forrest founded Fit For Life Solutions in 2008 and then in 2011, Way Of Life Boot Camp, a body, mind, spirit-focused fitness center), and then a consulting company working with over 300 gyms and wellness centers globally until finally leaving the fitness industry in 2018.

After some soul-searching, Forrest brought his talents to a non-profit organization dedicated to homeless children and families as the VP of Solutions Enterprises, and also was the director of Solutions Farms.

In early 2020, Forrest had suffered a hospitalization that was due to severe vertigo and panic attacks which lead to an unbalanced nervous system where he experienced PTSD, and then brought him into a state of depression.  He gave this experience meaning by having deep empathy and understanding for all those who suffer with similar states of nervous system, brain, and emotional imbalance.  

After Covid, Forrest's 17-year old daughter and 21-year-old son were both experiencing anxiety and depression and it took a huge toll on the family.

Forrest was desperate for help, and after reaching out to other coaches he recognized HE was already perfectly suited to help teens, as no one else he knew could bring the right blend of mindset, meditation, holistic wellness, and street-smart empathy that he possessed.  He designed and created the Teen Mindset Transformation program, and started helping teens globally with online coaching while simultaneously launching the Parent Teen Mindset Show to support parents with teens.

More About Coach Forrest:

- Over 20+ years health and wellness professional

- Founded 2 successful fitness businesses and a wellness consulting agency 

- 2 Time International Best-Selling Author ("Awakening to Your Fitness Journey" and "Body Mind Transformations")

- Wellness consultant to Fortune 50 company

- Advocate for Homeless teens and families

- Certified Mindset Coach

- Meditation Instructor (over 15 years)

- 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do (15 years martial arts Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

- Host of the Parent Teen Mindset Show podcast 

Beau Blouin - Co-Host of the Parent Teen Mindset Show / CEO of Connective Human

In 2014, he founded a nonprofit with his family and group of veterans called Fit4Truth.

Fit4Truth taught foster children life skills through experiential retreats and team building events that reinforced growth mindset. Their nonprofit worked with over 1,000 children in the foster care system across central Florida.

After working with children in the nonprofit sector, Beau realized there is a larger need for humans to connect with themselves and their communities. That is where his current business, Connective Human, was created.

Connective Human is a corporate high-performance and team building company that focuses on creating healthy humans and communities by pairing growth mindset training with team building events that give back to the community. Beau is an avid animal lover and currently resides in Orlando Florida with his family.




The Parent Teen Mindset Show

The Parent Teen Mindset Show supports parents who struggle with teens & young adults. We cover topics to help parents with practical approaches to communicating and raising their teen in our challenging post-Covid world. Topics include: depression & anxiety, conscious parenting, mindset for teens, self care for parents and teens, impacts of cell phones and social media, video game addiction, drug and alcohol abuse, trauma and abuse, youth wellness, grief, and many more.